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We are specialized in candelabras. We have a candelabra for every occasion!
Looking for that special candelabra? A really large candelabra? A cheap candelabra? We probably got the candelabra for you! Our store is based in Sweden and we offer World wide shipping.

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Our most popular candelabra models

Some of our most popular candelabras to the right.

The latest interior design trend for 2015 is brass. We offer several models! Our pride is a Swedish manufactured brass candelabra with exceptional quality and workmanship.

Large and tall candelabras continues to be a popular. The bigger the better! We offer several candelabra models varying from 100cm up to 178cm. Many models in the same design so you easily can combine different heights. Perfect!

Sometime you are out looking for really cheap and affordable candelabra. Maybe you need several and are on a budget. We also got the models for you!

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Dinner table set with German silver candelabra

April 12th, 2015|0 Comments

No need to be fussy. It is good enough with a little wine glasses, linen napkins and a beautiful German silver candelabra course. The candles and the calm colors give a cozy impression. Suddenly looking forward to benefiting dinner. Welcome [...]

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Light vs. Dark

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Fresh and bright or dark and drab? That is the question!? During the 00's, bright and fresh predominated. Open floor plans, bright colors on everything from floor to ceiling to create a little more space. Nothing wrong with fresh and [...]

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Clean your candelabra

February 25th, 2015|0 Comments

Over time, you probably need to clean and polish his candelabra. Refurbish the candelabra to it's best condition. It may have dripped candle wax. And surely you've os and grease from the kitchen has settled on the surface. And that, [...]

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New brass candelabra

February 22nd, 2015|0 Comments

Brass candelabra 28,5 cm 5-arm So we've got another brass candelabra. Actually it came already a couples of weeks ago but since we enjoyed very high pressure in the web shop this blog post had to wait a [...]

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Black candelabra

February 19th, 2015|0 Comments

Finding black candelabras can be tricky. A few years ago we had several. Today we only have a big, large black candelabra in our catalog in the shop. It's a shame because black is really cool! One would think that [...]

Brass candelabra

February 18th, 2015|0 Comments

Never has our selection of brass candelabras been greater than it is now. When we started we had even providers who said it there with brass candelabra, it is completely out and will be dead for many years. Sure, [...]

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How it all started

It all began with our cats. Yes that’s right! We wanted burning candles but we also had our fury four legged friends! With no respect for lit candles, we might add!
With no hesitation they could swipe their tails into the burning flame. Not a very good thing!
Our quest had begun. We needed a tall candelabra!
Surprisingly difficult to find at the time. So we started a small blog to keep track of all the candelabra models we could find. And more importantly where to find them again when we had chosen a model we liked.
It didn’t take long before we started to get request from our visitors. They wanted to buy from us.

At the beginning we hesitated. But the request kept coming so we started a small web shop. Sales went surprisingly good and have kept doing that ever since. Today we probably got the largest candelabra shop. We currently offer about 50 different models and new ones are coming all the time.

We got small candelabra, we got tall and large candelbaras!

Candelabra under 1 meter is considered as table candelabras. Or just candelabras.
All candelabras over 1 meter.
Our cast isron candelabras has become very popular so they have their own category
We offer many different materials.
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Candelabras for events, weddings and other happenings

We have great expeinece with delivering to various events. We understand the impotance of on time deliveries. Candelabras are our specialty. We have most models on stock. And we also got good partnership with importers and factories. This gives us unmatched flexibility.


What is a candelabra?

Candelabra – A candlestick with multiples arms

A candelabra? What is that?
The most basic explanations is that a candelabra is a candlestick with two or more arms.

If it has two or more arms. It is not just a candlestick anyway.

Thats our definition. It doesn’t have to be more complicated than that.

Just like interior design changes over time. So does candelabras.

Our selections follows the latest trends. And at the same time we try to keep the classic models available.

Customer testimonials

No matter what we say. It is our customer testimonials that matter. Here are some testimonials

I have to say that you have a great page and great products!
Thansk for the fast delivery! The candelabra is just perfect.
Lisa E
hi. I checked out your site. I just couldn’t resist to place an order with you.
Tina S
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